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100% bio ethanol produced from sugar beet, chimney not required. Carbon Neutral Heat Source
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  1. Fanola Premium 1 and 5 Litres boxed for delivery

    Fanola bioethanol fuel (4x5 litres)
    £ 40.00

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  2. Fireline Automatic 3 in casing

    Fireline Automatic 3 - Ring for details
    £ 0.00

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  3. PrimeFire in casing

    PrimeFire Automatic in casing by Planika
    £ 2,340.00

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  1. HotBox Villa Secesja, Poland

    HotBox Automatic Bioethanol Fire by Planika
    £ 1,740.00

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  2. Zen white

    Zen Automatic Biethanol Fire by Planika
    £ 2,580.00

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  3. MontBlanc

    £ 2,100.00

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  1. Stove (white)

    £ 1,599.00

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  2. Cube

    £ 1,999.00

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  3. Zenith in Lacquered Black with back mirror

    £ 1,999.00

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Why buy a bioethanol fire?

Our flueless bioethanol fires from Planika and Direct Cheminee produce heat and have a real flame. We are based in Altrincham, Greater Manchester and supply bioethanol fires all over the UK including London. The standard burner from Direct Cheminee produces up to 3 KW of heat and the Planika fires produce between 1 KW and 7 KW (see individual models for details). They are an easy to use solution for homes where a more traditional fire isn't possible. If you don't have a flue or don't have access to a gas supply, our fires now give you a way to have real fire. Although fairly new in the UK, they are well established on the Continent and Scandinavia. Central and under floor heating systems work well but the addition of a real fire will transform a room and give it character.

Fireline Automatic by Planika

Planika's latest Fireline Automatic model, the FLA 3, is wifi enabled so you can control it through your smart phone or tablet. As the Fireline stable of products are the most advanced bioethanol fires in the world, we don't sell them online. Contact us and we'll talk through your project including heat outputs and room sizes and we will even amend your CAD drawings to include the fire in your plans. At every stage of the build, we can advise you what you need to do. The Fireline models range from the standard sizes up to complete bespoke sizes and configurations. We can supply the casings to build them into a wall or they can be left open.

Styles and usage

We can supply wall hanging, free standing, combustion blocks and long burners. The blocks and burners can be used to produce a wall of flame or used as a fireplace between 2 rooms. We can supply fires which will provide a real heating solution or fires that are primarily decorative. You can create a grand statement in a public space or just a cosy little fire in a snug. We have fires which add ambience to a spa or swimming pool, fires which will make a conservatory useable throughout the winter and burners which will sit on a hearth to take the hassle out of having a fire. Contact us to discuss your project and we'll find you the best solution including many fires which aren't yet featured on our website.

Safety and advice

All our fires are fully tested and we can supply safety certificates for all the fires we sell (real safety certificates provided by outside independent organisations). This gives you the confidence to use the fires in your home or to specify our fires to your clients. We will work with you to provide the best solution and are happy to talk you through the best way to use our fires. With our experience in the industry, we can suggest things you can do to make a stunning centre piece for your home from walls of flame to practical solutions in cold rooms. With the Fireline Automatic products, we can amend your CAD drawings and advise you on different aspects of your project.

What is bioethanol?

Our fires are fuelled by bioethanol, an alcohol produced from plants which is classed as a low carbon and sustainable energy source. Because they are burning alcohol, they give off very low emissions which means they don't need a flue. However, some of the bigger models are subject to minimum room sizes for safe use. Unlike carbon/fossil fuels, bioethanol doesn't produce smoke, soot or ashes and so a fire can be sited anywhere in a room without the restrictions of chimneys, flues, outside walls, gas feeds or power supply. Bioethanol fires can also be used in extensions, conservatories, garden rooms or patios.

Ask us about the fires!

If you are unsure about these fires, ring us and ask all the questions you want. We love talking about them and introducing people to a new technology. All our customers are thrilled when they get them and ring us up to tell us how good they are. Come into the showroom and see them burning. Most people are surprised when they feel the amount of heat they give off. We understand that this is a significant purchase to make on the internet and so we are happy for you to come and see us in Altrincham or to ring us. Altrincham is just to the south of Manchester and is very easy to get to from any direction. We're just off the M56 which links to the M6, M60 and M62 and we'll sit you down in front of a fire with tea and coffee. The showroom is open from 9.30 AM - 5.00 PM Mon - Sat.. If you can't make it at those times, we can arrange for you to visit us at a time that suits you.